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" 'Just' is the worst word you can say to someone with mental illness. JUST get a job. JUST go on a date. JUST find an apartment. Because our sense of JUST is far different from those who don't struggle with suicidal ideation and self harm and depression. Just is an over simplification of what we perceive to be mountains. Just cut off your own arm. Just sprout wings and fly. Just is an injustice. "

My Recovery.

My recovery is not simple. 
Its tears and relapse and fights with my mind. 
My psychology teacher said
"I can hear a lot of talking, but not a lot of it 
is psychological”
Well, mine was. 

"You’re stupid, no you’re not
You’re fat and ugly and dumb,
Well why am I passing this class?
Being put on two supps a day?
I felt pretty this morning so I can’t be too ugly..
But you are. You’re worthless. So stupid.
Selfish cow.
That’s my own psychological talk. 

Some days I realise that I am measured 
In my love and my laughter, 
Not by the amount of disorders  have,
Or the kilos I weigh.
Not by my observation numbers, or my blood test forms.
By my love and my laughter. 

Other days I can’t get out of bed, 
Can’t function, can’t eat, can’t sleep.
Some days I cry a lot and don’t talk,
Some days I act like I’m 8 years old
and its not my choice. 

Some days I am rational, 
I convince myself to eat. 
I cry and then let it go. 
But then a storm hits and I can’t
Keep being okay. I crash. 

And that’s okay too. 

-a reflection on my own recovery. 

you are such a beautiful person <3

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thank you so much :’) 
I think you’re a pretty beautiful person too <3

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Just a reminder


5 years from now you won’t feel so bloated or sick.

5 years from now you won’t have such a significant fear of food.

5 years from now you might live in a new town with an amazing job and a huge house and you might be with the love of your life.

5 years from now you might love your life.

If you relapse, 5 years from now you’ll be dead or miserable, and you’ll never know what potential you had.

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Rolls are OK rolls are OK rolls are OK


You are beautiful, healthy, smiley, and radiant. Rolls aren’t only okay, they don’t matter. They just don’t. They’re neutral. Weight is neutral. What matters is that twinkle in your eye!

ROLLS? More like a sexy lady with a healthy glow! Rolls.. no. Beauty? Yes. 

My Best Friend

Grace: Wot
Me: Wot Mate
Grace: Wot
Me: Wot Mate
Grace: You wanna go?
Me: Go where?
@papilio-ulysses is the biggest loser ever GO WHERE?

my cat is beautiful. He is almost 6 months old the little poop. Today I was trying to persuade him over for a cuddle and it went like this 

*in a really sickly sweet voice* Dey (amadeus), come here chicken, come on, come here for a cuddle….Dey.. come on boy dey.. dey… want a cuddle little one? Come on.. come here.. Dey…. MOVE YO FAT ARSE KITTEN I WANT A CUDDLE

haha I’m so funny I made my nan almost cry with laughter

" You know not
of the hell from
which I came.

Do not attempt
to define the
recovery that
I walk toward. "